SD + I

System Design & Integration



SD+I is an experienced consultancy and project management bureau that can advise and assist you with producing the specifications and the realization of your projects.
SD+I is independent and not connected with any manufacturer or supplier, to ensure an unbiased and transparent advice. However, we do have a good relationship with most manufacturers and vendors.
The focus of
SD+I is on achieving results and we realize our assignments in a pragmatic, hands-on manner. In addition, we activate as much knowledge present in your organization as possible. We believe in combining short-term visible results with the long-term objectives.
A flexible and professional approach is key.

SD+I, we specialize in senior project- and program management. As experienced professionals we are managing complex projects in small and large organizations. We want to book results in the line of expectation of our client.
Where others often stop, is where we start with breaking through the standstill and putting de-railed projects back on track. Bringing projects with a pragmatic approach to an operational result, that is our core business. That is result management.

Managing just processes is not where we stop...

Detailed design

System design and engineering is an important part of any media or IT related project. Systems as build must be properly designed and documented to save valuable time during the implementation and configuration phase.
The system documentation also is an invaluable source of information for maintenance staff. It will shorten time for system changes or fault-finding actions, making service performance more efficient and accurate.

SD + I can design your system in detail and produce the documentation for your projects, based on Autocad / VidCAD for industry compliancy.
Product & system training

A new system with new and more efficient workflows requires training at various levels for technical support, operators and users.
SD + I can organize and provide training workshops to fit your requirements.
Using a large network of professionals, the training workshops can be delivered from being generic, up to very specific. The training can be provided on-site, saving you travel and hotel cost and allowing for a larger number of people to be trained.

SD + I for a training program tailored to your organizational needs.